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Jun 14, 2021 - 0 Minutes read

Why do you need to know about the Demand Side platform in 2021?

Have you heard about the demand-side platform, but not sure what is all about and how it can benefit your business. Then, this blog would be an eye-opener for you.

Advertising on the internet used to easy even some years ago. Now, it has become an absolute nightmare for companies that are new to the online advertisement world.

So, you might be wondering what has changed?

⦁ People became more skeptical about ads.

⦁ Too many companies are trying to market to the same audience.

⦁ There are too many platforms where people are hanging out.

Fortunately, technology also evolved with time and now we have demand-side platforms that have made marketing easier and more strategic.

What is a Demand Side Platform?

A demand-side platform is a marketplace for advertisers to purchase ad space on various platforms through an ad exchange. A demand-side platform allows advertisers to manage ad campaigns across multiple platforms from one place.

Demand Side Platform is revolutionizing the internet marketing industry by using AI and real-time bidding. Advertisers now have more options to choose from and they enjoy transparency and better results by using a DSP.

If you are new to online advertisement, then DSP is something you should look into so you can get maximum results by minimizing your ad spent.

How does a Demand Side Platform work?

When you are running ads on Facebook, you manage everything from your Facebook Business Manager. Similarly, you manage your advertisement on Google through the Google Ad Manager.

A demand-side platform works differently from them all. When you have access to a demand-side platform, you won't need an advertisement account on other platforms. From a single DSP, you can manage your ads on platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Google, and others.

A demand-side platform directly deals with a supply-side platform where publishers list their platforms for advertisers to market. Through real-time bidding, the best buyer is selected for advertising on a platform.