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Aug 02, 2021 - 0 Minutes read

What Is Google Ads And How To Use It!

It is fascinating how you can choose your targeted audience through the selective age, gender, device types of geographical locations. Not only this, Google has that in-market targeting which focuses on delivering the ads only to those whose history result is similar to something that you are searching for.

The world is changing faster than we can imagine. Just one click and swish…

Since everything is just one click away from reaching our desired goals, we have become more impatient leading companies to innovate so we get faster results. Remember back in the time, when only 5 percent of the people had access to the internet? Now it’s around 57 percent of the population. We all know how Google is acing throughout the years, offering everything that eases our lives in educational, professional, or other sectors. Let’s get to know how Google is slaying it with ‘Google Ads’.

What is Google Ads? 

 Google always came up with things that shook the market and platform. Even though Google is not the only company that’s acing but ultimately, first thought when it comes to mind about searching something – It’s Google.

Google Ads was known as Google Adwords in the initial stage but later it was rebranded to Google Ads in the year 2018. Google Ads is a Google-owned online advertising platform. Whenever you search specific words, ‘Apple Juice’ for example, you get the results of your query on the search engine page. Now, the results you get can include the paid advertisement on that selected keyword. Yes, this is basically what Google Ads does.

How you can conclude that the results are included in the paid advertisement is by noticing a small icon of ‘Ad’ placed on the results. The results are typically on the top search list because of a paid advertising. The advertisers consume a great privilege because it showed up at the top, defining, most people are likely to click the top results.

But it does not necessarily mean that the advertised keyword should be on the top search because other markets are also here in the competition for the same keyword.

How do Google Ads work?

Google Ads uses a method known as Pay-Per-Click. In contenting, marketers target a specific keyword on Google and place bids on it, competing with other marketers who are likewise targeting the keyword.

If your maximum bid is $10 and Google determines that your cost per click is $5, you are more likely to be given that ad placement! You will not get the ad placement if it is determined to be more than $10.

Or, you can choose your maximum daily budget of ads. You will never spend more than a certain amount per day on that ad, which will help you decide how much to spend on your online ads.

There are three types of biding

⦁ Cost-per-click: Payment when users click on the ad

⦁ Cost-per-mille : Payment for 1000 ad impressions

⦁ Cost-per-engagement: Payment for actions like signing up or watch videos

Google then assesses all of them and puts them on a scoreboard out of 10. The better the score is, the higher the chances leading you to low cost and better positions. Concluding, ranking is a leading concern here. The total concept here is, more clicks on the advertisement, the faster you accomplish your goals.

It is the ultimate approach of Google Ads. Now let’s focus on the types of Ads which will broaden up our in-depths!

Types of Google Ads

You can run various different kinds of ad campaigns using Google Ads which can help you reach the exact audience that you are looking for. There are few extensive campaigns that you need to learn about to be able to decide the best marketing strategy for running your ad campaign. 

⦁ Search campaign

⦁ Shopping campaign

⦁ Display campaign

⦁ Video campaign

⦁ App campaign

Search Campaign

This campaign focuses on -when you search some keyword on the search engine for example ‘Cars’. The result will show some sites where it is symbolized as 'Ad'. You see the Ad symbol on the specific results because it was an advertisement for which it has paid to Google.

Shopping Campaign

When you have physical products in you, Google showcases them in such visuals that customers or people who search for the keyword get a clear visual of the desired search. For example, cars with photos and prices or discounts.

Display Campaign

Ads in this campaign can show up in various ways, for cases like any third-party website in any corner or middle of the page. Or, you are on an app, an ad will show at the bottom or top.

Video Campaign

Suppose you are on YouTube watching the classic songs by Queens. And an ad pops up anywhere on the page. However, there are a few exceptions, such as advertisements that you can ignore or having to wait 10 seconds for a video ad to end.

App Campaign

You are on your sports app. You see an ad bottom of your app, mouthwatering burgers, click on it. It takes you to the menu. So, you exactly know why the ad was there. It is a perfect ad on an ideal platform.

We now know a lot about how it’s working, let’s focus on its cost!

Advertisement Costing

$1 and $2 are the average cost-per-click rates in the US but it varies a lot on the number of factors. As it is mentioned earlier, a huge role plays when the quality of the ad and the biding takes a shot since every ad varies to the other one.

Right keywords can be expensive and more competitive because many marketers have been trying to do the same thing. One is competing over the other one. Figuring out the right balance for your word is crucial-the list is just never-ending. Suppose you are searching some startling word rather than a familiar search-those keywords become expensive, resulting in how Google gets more bucks in their account. Especially, the landing pages needs to be catchy, clear and to the point for scoring the goal.

There is this term called Google’s Ad Auction. When you search a keyword, google instantly works as a judge, inspecting the score of the marketer’s ad. So if the score of the ad has a higher digit, more chances are there to terminate pricing. The price is inversely proportional to the score –more score, less cost.


Even though Google advertisements improve results and assist marketers in achieving their objectives, let us consider the bigger picture.

When using the feature of Google, it will require a lot of attention and careful sequence to get your work done. Sometimes it’s a lot of small things that need to be taken care of. So instead of getting a little more focus on your success, you might need to hire a full-time employee who will be in charge of the settings you need to handle regularly.

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