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Jul 12, 2021 - 0 Minutes read

Top 10 Programmatic Advertising trends in 2021

Business owners realize the ROI that they can achieve their business through online advertisement. People are now spending more time surfing around the internet than ever before. The world of online marketing is very competitive and with the introduction of programmatic advertising new marketing strategies are formulated to keep ahead of the competition. 

To make full use of the programmatic advertising technology, you must be aware of the latest programmatic trends that are going on in 2021. As a business owner, you would know which strategies would work for your online marketing campaign if you know all the new trends that are practiced by the best marketers. 

⦁ Voice Ads

One of the newest forms of ads that became very popular within the last few years are voice ads. It has been going around for some years, but it seems in 2021 marketers are realizing its true potential.

With the increase of AI speakers like Alexa, Google Assistant, and advanced voice search features consumers are now searching on search engines using voice queries. Podcasts are also becoming very popular over the last decade, which gives more scope to attract target audiences using voice ads.  

⦁ Use of AI

AI is not only used for the development of science and technology. Online marketers now realized how beneficial it can be to use AI for processing a large amount of data to draw strategic ad campaigns. It can take a person weeks to process the data and draw a meaningful conclusion from them.

On the other hand, AI can process these complex data in minutes and also give the marketer analytics and campaign strategy options. Of course, the final ad strategy would be devised by humans which allows the marketers to be the important decision-makers. AI saves the time of the marketer and makes the online strategy building process very smooth and efficient. 

⦁ 5G Inclusion

With the introduction of so many advanced technologies, the speed of delivery also needs to match the technologies. 5G is adapted in programmatic advertising so the speed and performance of the marketing campaigns are optimal. 

It is also estimated that by the next 3 years more people would start using 5G technology worldwide. Speed is very important for your online advertising to succeed. With the increase in video consumption by the audience switching to 5G is undoubtedly a very progressive trend in programmatic advertising.

⦁ Blockchain In Programmatic Advertising

Blockchain has revolutionized the online world and provided the world with an unhackable system. Programmatic advertising also included blockchain technology to make sure that the accounts of the marketers and the payment gateway are fully secured.

Blockchain is very useful when it comes to finding domain spoofing, fraudulent activities. And these helped to make the whole programmatic advertising network more secure.

Blockchain inclusion in programmatic advertising also allowed the marketers to pay for ads and conduct other transactions using cryptocurrencies. It also made the transaction process faster and easily manageable.

⦁ Optimizing Device Targeting

Programmatic advertising provides marketers with much more access to data than ever before. These data when properly analyzed tells which kind of advertisement would work better in which device. 

For example, it is seen that customers do online shopping more on mobile but when it comes to buying a very expensive product they do more research via desktop or laptops.

With Programmatic advertising, it is possible to optimize the devices for showing the ads to the consumers. Marketers understood the importance of this feature and they are using it to get better conversion rates. If you are planning to see growth in your ad campaigns then you should try this too.

⦁ Targeting Wearables

The use of smartwatches has been increasing globally for the past few years. It is seen by a report in 2019, the overall usage of smartwatches has increased by 40 percent compared to its preceding year. Seeing this scope of advertising through smartwatches, online marketers started to use programmatic advertising to target smartwatches.