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Jul 19, 2021 - 0 Minutes read

How You Can Boost Video Ads ROI with Bidtimize

If you are up to date with the latest trends related to marketing you must know how effective video ads are. Videos are the most consumed form of content that advertisers are also using now. Video ads are a very good way to get in front of your audience. 

Video ads are very useful but to get the most value out of them, you need to leverage programmatic advertising. The platform that can help you to maximize the ROI of your video ad spent is Bidtimize. Bidtimize would optimize your video ads so your target audience watches your ads and take the desired action that you want.

What is Bidtimize? 

Bidtimize is a data-driven platform that connects advertisers and publishers with the help of AI for maximum effectiveness. Bidtimize uses the most advanced technology to find the best publishers platform for advertisers so the ads can reach the target audience benefitting both parties. 

Compared to other advertisement platforms, Bidtimize is an effective and very economical alternative. If you are thinking about running paid ads for your business, Bidtimize is the solution that you can think of to get maximum ROI on your investment. 

Why Should You Use Video Ads?

Video ads perform much better than banner ads as they are more engaging and are able to grab the attention of the user.

More Conversions

It has been found by advertisers that video ads are converting better than any other format of ads. Ecommerce giants like Amazon, and eBay reports that sales increase by 35% when ideas are present in the product description.

Makes Educating Easier

Video gives you more scope to talk about your product or your offer which is very valuable for a marketer. Since both the visual and audio senses of the consumers are tapped into, they are more susceptible to new information. 

Video ads are very useful when it comes to raising brand awareness and promoting new products to consumers.

Provide More Information in a Short Time

The attention span of the consumers is only reducing with time and marketers need to keep up with that. The solution to this reduced attention span is video. You can provide more information to the audience if you are using a video.

Better Storytelling

When you are promoting a product, proper storytelling is very important and nothing does it better than a video. You can connect with your audience emotionally through your story which can be done best in the form of a video.

Allows To Be Creative

You get more ways to be creative when you are running video ads. There is only so much information that you can convey through banners. With video ads, you can determine the importance of the message and how you deliver it.

They Grab Attention

Videos grab your attention more compared to banners or even voice ads. On platforms like Facebook and YouTube, video ads are not skippable increasing the chances of conversion. Even on websites, video ads perform much better than banner ads. Customers simply can't resist clicking on the video ads and engaging with them.

Ways to Increase ROI with Bidtimize 

You can implement these strategies with the help of Bidtimize to generate more ROI from your video ads. 

Do Split Testing

One of the best ways to increase the ROI of your video ads is by running multiple ads and seeing which one of them is performing better. It is not possible to determine beforehand which video would convert better. 

Bidtimize provides you real-time stats that you can analyze to determine the best video that you should use for advertisement. Experimenting with a few options would save you from draining all your money on running a campaign that would yield no result.